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Supernatural Vids

Fan videos of the WB show "Supernatural"

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This community is a place where vidders (or people who enjoy watching vids) of the TV show "Supernatural" can show off their work, discuss posted or linked vids, trade clips, suggest songs/topics for vids, etc...

This will be a pretty relaxed community in terms of rules, but there has to be a few to ensure nobody wastes anybody's time with posts that really don't belong here.

Community Rules:

1 - Keep posts on topic.

Topic being (pretty self explanatory) Supernatural Vids. There are other "Supernatural" comms for icons, graphics, fanfic, and discussions of the show in general.

2 - No spoilers.

If you're making a vid using clips/subject matter from a recently aired episode, put a spoiler warning in your post, and put your vid summary behind a cut. Some people may not have had a chance to see the newest episode yet and do not want to be spoiled. Spoiler cut vid descriptions for at least two weeks after a new episode airs in the US, that should give most people plenty of time to watch/download the episode.

3 - No non-"Supernatural" vids.

This should be pretty obvious. If you are linking to a journal entry that has vids from various fandoms INCLUDING "Supernatural", that is fine, however no "Check out my new Lost/BtVS/HP vid!!!" posts. Crossover vids are also fine.

4 - Be respectful.

Construtive criticism and feedback is welcomed and encouraged. However, a post along the lines of "Your vid sucks, and so do you!" or anything else in that vein will NOT be tolerated! Keep in mind we may have some beginner vidders, or vidders who haven't much practice yet. Mature and respectful suggestions for improvement and the like are fine, personal attacks are NOT. If you don't like a vid and can't keep your comments constructive, simply refrain from commenting and let it go. If you really feel you need to get into it with someone, do so OFF the community, because I don't want to see it. If you are caught disrespecting someone else in the community (meaning specifically trolling or personal attacks) you will be banned. To report abuse, contact one of the mods and we will deal with it.

5 - No clip theft.

Clip theft refers to taking a vid someone else made, clipping parts of it out, setting it to a new song, and claiming the work as your own.

This is not cool for oh so many reasons. A lot of vidders put an awful lot of time and effort into making their vids, so stealing clips from other people's vids and passing them off as your own is completely unacceptable.

Part of the art of vid making is collecting your OWN clips, applying your OWN transitions and effects, and arranging everything so it fits the particular song that you're using. Stealing entire sequences of clips from an already completed vid and setting them to a new song is just not the way to do things.

For one thing, it's completely unoriginal, and for another thing, it's just plain RUDE to the vidder you stole the clips from.

If you need clips for your vid, there are many ways to go about this without resorting to clip theft. The best way, of course, would be to download full episodes of "Supernatural" (something you can do on many Bittorrent sites, and other "Supernatural" comms) but if you can't do that there are several sites that host specific clips. If you're really having a problem getting a particular scene, just post about it in the comm, I'm sure there will be plenty of people willing to help you out. Stealing clips from other people's videos, ESPECIALLY without asking them first, is not the way to go about it.

If you see a vid that you suspect of clip theft, report it to one of the mods and we will deal with it. Any posts containing vids made using clip theft will be deleted, and the vidder may be banned from the comm.

So just don't do it.

6 - Please include the following information with your vid posts:

Song Title/Vid Title: The title of the song/vid.
Vidder: Your name, email, etc...
Artist: The band/singer/composer of the song.
Category: Examples of this would be adventure, comedy, slash, romance, experimental, episodic, character study, narrative, constructed reality, you get the idea.
Characters: The character(s) the vid focuses on.
Pairings: Only if it's a shipper vid, the pairings you used.
Warnings: Any warnings about content (such as incest) should go here.
Summary: A brief description of your vid

You should also include somewhere in the description, the format of your vid (wmv, avi, mpeg, mov, etc...), the size (in MB), and the length of the song.

Basically, as long as the post is on topic (topic, once again, being "SUPERNATURAL" VIDS), it's allowed. Along with posting vids, you may suggest/request vids, topics or songs to be vidded, trade editing tips (as long as this doesn't stray too far from being about "Supernatural" -- and no blanket statements like "Can someone tell me how to make a vid?" -- there are plenty of tutorial sites out there), ask for clips (clips ONLY--NOT full episodes!), ask questions like "Which ep/scene contained such and such a clip?", etc...

All comments about specific vids should be kept in the comment thread for that particular vid. There is no need to start a whole new post about something that already has an entry.

Here are some answers to things that may not have been covered above:


Q: If I'm not a vidder can I still join?

A: Yes you may, just because you don't make vids yourself, doesn't mean you can't appreciate them.

Q: Can I pimp my new community/awards site?

A: You can only pimp if your community has some relation to Supernatural vidding, like a SPN vid beta comm, SPN vid rec comm, something along those lines. In which case you can make one post advertising your community. If you run an awards site or vid archive site outside of LJ that accepts SPN vids, you can make one post to the comm to announce it. Please do not post more than once to advertise your comm or site. If you run a community or website that has to do with Supernatural and/or vidding and would like to be an affiliate contact a mod.

Q: Is slash/incest allowed?

A: Yes it is. It would be very limiting with a show like SPN to not allow slash or incest. That being said, het/gen is just as welcome. All I would ask is that if your vid is slashy or contains suggested incest, please put a warning in the vid description, as there are people who are squicked by it. No flaming people because they like or do not like slash or Wincest. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. If you don't like it, just don't watch it.

If you are REALLY unsure if something is allowed or not, ask one of the mods, we will be happy to answer your question.




Supernatural Video Station
Supernatural Vids on Myspace
The Impala

(if you mod a comm related to "Supernatural" or vidding and would like to be an affiliate, drop us a line)

How To...
There's a How To post to help with any vidding questions, or to post up links or tutorials.

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