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absrip in supernaturalvid

Castiel/Dean slash vid

Vid Title: Crashed
Vidder: absrip
Artist: Daughtry  
Category: Slash, AU
Pairings: Castiel/Dean.
Warnings: Slash.
Summary: AU with mixed POV. A bond was formed between a man and an angel, now heavens wrath has come. Slash warning. Not work safe.

Watch on YT

Download, Avi format, 65MB, lenght 2.43.



Not a shipper of them really, but your video is wonderful as always :-) You do make great videos!
Thanks a lot:P I'm actually not a shipper of them myself, this is my Sweet Charity vid, but while making this they have grown on me*g*
HOLY CRAP!! This is an EXCELLENT vid. I just love how you've told a story here, especially with the footage at the beginning. I'm downloading so that I can watch it again and again. Brilliant job, love.
Thank you, so glad you enjoyed the story and the extra footage. It was a lot of fun to make:))
Absolutely gorgeous! And definitely the BEST Dean/Castiel vid I've seen yet.
That is great to hear, thank you so much sweetie:P
Hi! This was rec'd at crack_impala here :D
Thank you so much sweetie, that really makes my day.*beams*
Wow. There are very few slash vids that I have seen that are edited as well as this one, and the manips are *awesome*. I loved it!!! Good song, too. Amazing job- thanks for posting :)
Well thank you so much for watching, trilled that you enjoyed the manips, I didn't think I'd be able to make as many to this pairing but luckily I found some extra footage of Misha that saved the day. *grin*
Firstly this was awesome.

Secondly, how excited am I that there's another human being who has watched all the prophecy films?! WIN \o/
Beautiful vid with flawless editing. Loved it!
:( How come Crashed isn't on youtube anymore? It's so good!
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