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maidensuit in supernaturalvid

Vid: I Ran (So Far Away)

Song Title/Vid Title: I Ran (So Far Away)
Vidder: Aspen (humanhosepipe@gmail.com)
Artist: Flock of Seagulls
Category: gen, narrative, character study
Characters: the Winchesters, Bela, a bit of Lillith and Ruby
Warnings: Heavy spoilers for all seasons.
Summary: My working summary was "Dean and Bela go to 80s Hell." :D It turned into a layered study of why Dean and Bela made their demon deals, with an emphasis on Dean's issues with John, relationship with Sam, antagonism with Bela, and eventual trip downstairs.

Download (40 mb, .avi, right click + save)
Watch on YouTube

Thanks for watching, if you do. :D


I certainly agree that in some cases, a long song would probably need to be cut so it's not just an exercise in random filling of space that doesn't say anything. I've made a couple of vids where I've done cuts as such. But for me, personally, it bothers me when I notice that a song has been cut, especially if I know and like the song. For me, it can wind up feeling much more to me like the vidder is forcing the source to fit the song, and just part of it. I think it works in some cases, but not in others. It mightn't have been intrusive here, but I like the creepy feel of the music at the beginning of this song, so I wanted it!

Thank you for all these suggestions, I'll try the Deinterlacing with VDubMod and see how it goes! I'm wondering if it might just actually be my DVD, since it was only the one that was affected at all.
I'm wondering if it might just actually be my DVD, since it was only the one that was affected at all.

Maybe. The same thing happened with mine - as in the exact last disc was the real troublemaker for some reason - and it was a brand spanking new set, all unmarked, played fine. Just the copyright things, I think.
Also: I am so reccing this at spnvidrecs cuz I am just that enamored of it.
I didn't even know such a community existed! How freaking cool! Thank you!
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