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maidensuit in supernaturalvid

Vid: I Ran (So Far Away)

Song Title/Vid Title: I Ran (So Far Away)
Vidder: Aspen (humanhosepipe@gmail.com)
Artist: Flock of Seagulls
Category: gen, narrative, character study
Characters: the Winchesters, Bela, a bit of Lillith and Ruby
Warnings: Heavy spoilers for all seasons.
Summary: My working summary was "Dean and Bela go to 80s Hell." :D It turned into a layered study of why Dean and Bela made their demon deals, with an emphasis on Dean's issues with John, relationship with Sam, antagonism with Bela, and eventual trip downstairs.

Download (40 mb, .avi, right click + save)
Watch on YouTube

Thanks for watching, if you do. :D


What a great song choice, I love this. I adore the prominence of Dean and Bela as kids, and how their childhoods lay at the heart of their decisions. Also, some of the shifts in tone and mood are just so precise and stunning. I love what you've done here. This is complex and subtle and gorgeous.
Ahhh, thank you so much! :D Such a lovely and thoughtful comment to receive. And you hit the nail on the head with what I was going for with using Dean and Bela's flashbacks much better than I could've described it myself. Thank you!!
I really enjoyed this. It was rather deftly layered, and I think it's the Dean/Bela vid I've been waiting so see. Meaning: they are not slashed so much as paralleled, in the overt ways that even the writers of the show seemed to miss. I know a lot of fans disliked Bela, but I think she was just not given much of a chance to be regarded honestly - that is - with all the facts about her past on the table to make her motivations as a character apparent. It was a bit underhanded the way development was withheld from her until the end.

And when that information came to light, it made me think: well, shit, her and Dean are not much different in a lot of ways.

So, in short, I think that vid pretty much accomplishes that. Demonstrating that Dean and Bela, though antagonistic, have much in common. And maybe because they had so much in common they were so antagonistic in some ways.

Loved the music and a lot of the clip choices in this. It was a bit slow in the start (maybe 30 or even 40 seconds of the song could've been chopped from the beginning) but once it started to really focus it was good and many of the intreptations of the lyrics were just inspired. I loved "hypnotized with rue" and "girl like you" with the demons. "Auora borealis" was similarily impressive. Just so much of it makes me go "guh".

On a technical note: interlacing! The vid had a lot of interlacing (funny lines), which, depending on what you use (from DVD ripping to the editing program to the final rendering and encoding), could be there for a number of reasons. I don't think the interlacing takes away in this case because the vid is so strong, but for the future, there are ways to make those lines gone (if you didn't already know; if you did and it was just some glitch in this vid, you can ignore me). Do you mind me asking what programs you use?
Man, thanks very much -- part of it could be that I don't really post vids or sell them eagerly enough to make people watch them, but I never get such long and thoughtful feedback as this. It is a first, and I'm left nearly taken aback just because someone watched it and had this much to say, klsdjglj. I'm so used to posting vids and having them just float off into the ether because I'm so, you know, not with the cross-posting or graphics-making. So thank you! Your comment is a true delight for me!

Re: song-chopping, I really, really hate to do that, and only do it when I am super-desperate and literally don't have anything I can say in that chunk of time. I like the sort of general creepiness of the music at the beginning, too! But if it's too boring then I'm obviously not doing it justice, I don't know.

Yeah, the interlacing really bothers me! But no, I don't know how to fix it. It only happened to footage ripped from the last disc of my S2 DVDs (just stuff from 220 and 222, 221 seemed okay for the most part), for some reason, and I ripped and re-ripped and then re-ripped AGAIN, but they turned out liney every time! And as I was just basically trying to get this done before I had any S4 in my head to ruin my feelings on it, I just finally went "OH WHATEVER. BE LINEY THEN." I find it very bothersome! If you can tell me how to fix it, that would be much appreciated! I don't know much about messing with settings and I have a hard time understanding tutorials unless they're either really dumbed-down, in deference to people like me, or really visual.

I use DVD Decrypter to rip my DVDs, Adobe Premiere (the footage was liney when I imported it into Premiere), and VDubMod to resize and such when I'm done.

Thank you again, OMG :D
Well, the song editing because it will tighten up the timeline and force you as a vidder, to be more selective on the choice of clips, which would tighten the focus of the vid more quickly.

I think the vid really started to gather steam and become really focused (ie, it was clear more clear what it was possibly about and what direction it was going in) around 0:20 with the "leaving salvation" clip, which was excellent, by the way.

I had the same problem with S2 DVD's, and I think it's not uncommon because there is some pretty heavy duty copyright protection on those DVDs. I solved it by using DVD decrypter (which you used, I know D:) and making sure my windows media player was closed when I popped the DVD in. For some reason, if windows media player picked it up, then the lines would appear.

Someone else suggested I press shift when loading the DVD and sometimes that worked too.


It's a locked post, but if you join the comm there are links to other forums where people might be more helpful.

But for general de-interlacing, unrelated to S2 weirdness . . . the wonder that is vdubmod can usually take care of it.

- Go to Video in the top menu.

- Select "Filters"

- Select "Add"

- Select "Deinterlace"

- Select "OK"

- Select "OK" when it has a little pop up asking about the different fields (the default - "blend two fields together" is fine)

- Select "OK" once more. Voila. It should do the trick.

I tried to resolve some of the problems with interlacing in S2 by cutting clips from liney, ripped footage using vdubmod and trying to deinterlace those before opening the clips up in Sony Vegas. But I discovered, to my horror, the interlacing of doom remained, and the frame rate was messed up (ie, how fast the footage moves, really) DDDDD:. So I had to re-rip everything.

So, I think if it's liney from the get-go instead of clean, vdubmod may not resolve it.

Ah vidding. If it's not one thing then it's another.

Edited at 2008-09-20 08:54 pm (UTC)
I certainly agree that in some cases, a long song would probably need to be cut so it's not just an exercise in random filling of space that doesn't say anything. I've made a couple of vids where I've done cuts as such. But for me, personally, it bothers me when I notice that a song has been cut, especially if I know and like the song. For me, it can wind up feeling much more to me like the vidder is forcing the source to fit the song, and just part of it. I think it works in some cases, but not in others. It mightn't have been intrusive here, but I like the creepy feel of the music at the beginning of this song, so I wanted it!

Thank you for all these suggestions, I'll try the Deinterlacing with VDubMod and see how it goes! I'm wondering if it might just actually be my DVD, since it was only the one that was affected at all.
I'm wondering if it might just actually be my DVD, since it was only the one that was affected at all.

Maybe. The same thing happened with mine - as in the exact last disc was the real troublemaker for some reason - and it was a brand spanking new set, all unmarked, played fine. Just the copyright things, I think.
Also: I am so reccing this at spnvidrecs cuz I am just that enamored of it.
I didn't even know such a community existed! How freaking cool! Thank you!
Oh wow, this is such a well-put-together vid, the kind I'll watch fifteen times and still find things I never noticed before. I love the clip choices, the repetition of Bela on the phone, the parallel between her and Dean. It really brought a weird sort of kinship out of the text, which was always there a little bit, but I love how you showed it here. Definitely one I'll be playing several times to settle in with all the meanings and nuances. Eeee!

Edited at 2008-09-21 01:32 pm (UTC)
:D Wow, thank you! Thank you so much. Haha, that's the kind of comment that makes me want to watch my own vid even though I'm sick of looking at it. so that is awesome. Thanks!!
Hey there!
Just popping in to say that I really enjoyed watching this video. It's very captivating and well-edited. You created an excellent narrative of the two characters and I loved the whole mood of it. Your clip choices were very well placed (I loved the Hell shots placed throughout) and the flashback parallels of their childhood. This was very intelligent vidding with a lot of layers, and I think that's why I like it so much. Every clip was selected for a reason and added to the narrative.

And the song? Brilliant. I don't think I can ever hear this song again and not think of your video! You really made it your own.

As for the long intro, I actually really enjoyed it because it sets the mood. The beginning part of the song is so awesome and I'm glad you used it.

I faved this on YouTube and downloaded the file so I can watch it many times over. Thanks for making this video! :))
Haha, I've ruined the song for myself, too! And I'm glad the intro worked for you as well. It is kind of long! Thank you so much for watching, and so thoughtfully, and for such a nice comment! I really, truly appreciate it!
Fantastic musicality here!
Hooray, thank you! :D
Great paralell you're making here, and how you show how their lives have shaped their personalities and lead them down this road. Very well done!

Oh, and I see above that someone else suggested maybe cutting the beginning, but I though that worked very well in building the mood of the vid :)

Edited at 2008-09-24 06:19 pm (UTC)
Hey, thanks so much!! I'm happy to hear the beginning worked for people other than me. Thank you for watching. :D
Ooh this is great! I wandered over from spn_vid_recs and wasn't at all disappointed. Love the clip choice. :D
Thank you! That makes me so happy! :D
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