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naisica in supernaturalvid

My hands

My hands
Song: Jewel - "Hands"
Vidder: Naisica
Category: general
Pairing/Characters: Dean, Sam
Summary: Dean's POV . Season 2

Download link: http://www.zshare.net/video/4208330a126a88/


Wow! Great job on the video. May i ask what program you used to do it?
I worked in Adobe Premier:)
Наи, мне очень понравилось :)
nice vid, hun!
It was a bit wincestish, don't ya think? ;)
Молодца Наи!
For you there always wincest, even if it's really isn't :lol:

Thanks, hun:)))
Awesome video. :-)
Beautiful video set to a beautiful song and may I say you captured the side of Dean that I love to see.
Thank you:)))
Wow, this was awesome! A whole different way of making a video! And I really liked that foreward/backward thingy - it was really cool :D

Thanks, I really tried to do something special and unusual:)
This vid is brilliant! You did such an amazing job I recced it over at spnvidrecs here.

Feel free to collect a "recced" banner off our profile page and let me know if you'd rather opt out of our 'Vid of the Month' poll at the end of the month.

Again, just stunning!
Oh, wow... Ok... just wow. It's really unexpected:)
And of course I want to take part in your 'Vid of the Month' poll:)))

Also, can you explain where I mast put your banner? In my journal? I never took a part in any pools, so, I don't really know how it's works:)
That. Was. So. Cool!!!
Thank you:)))
Beautiful video. Loved the split screen and the song.
Oh, wow. Thanks for so detailed comment:) It's really pleasure here something like this after two month working on this clip (I had some stupid problems with computer, then with project and then with Premier. One by one. It was really like curse or something. lol)

Also, I work in Adobe Premier and used crop and curves for this effect. Well, and I play with speed and revers:)

So, thanks again:)
Firstly, my apologies if this isn't the first time I've left you this comment.

Just wondering if you'd be interested in being listed as an editor on The Imapala, a new Supernatural vidding archive which _gater_ and I have set up to run alongside our existing Stargate vidding archive Kawoosh!?

If you would, you can submit your vid HERE.

We do, however, have a hosting policy which you can read about HERE, so I was wondering if you'd be happy to upload to one of the links mentioned on order to be listed? This list has been drawn up by existing editors on our current SG database for thier longevity and reliability.

We also have an LJ comm running alongside the site if you're interested: impala_kaz2y5

Thanks :)
Sorry, just only now notice your comment.

Of course I'm interesting. Thanks for the offer! When I'll will be at home, I'll submit my vid:)
Wow, this is great! Even though if I think the song is a bit too much "for the chicks", the originality of effects make up for the music.
Thanks, honey:))
Wow, beautiful. Such creative use of effects!
Wow, beautiful and heartbreaking, and totally intimidating with the editing skill! You almost made me like Jewel, here. :)
Thank you:)))
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