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hay1ock in supernaturalvid

Supernatural In The Park

Ok felt like a random moment, not had one of those since the staypuft marshmallow man LOL

Song: SouthPark MegaMix
Artists: Matt and Trey
Vidder: hay1ock
Summary: Complete and utter dribble!
Spoilers: Odd S2 clips - mostly S1
Warnings: Some occasional questionable language

Special Appearance by John Winchester as Chef!

Had a bloody good laugh making this so enjoy!!!

Watch here

Get here
(wmv 26mb)


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Hee! That was very entertaining. I especially liked the beginning. :-)
Thank you *lovingly slaps you on the head* lol
That was freaking hilarious!
Cheers dude!
That's the funniest thing I've seen in a while! Freaggin' hilarious!!!
Yay, I'm glad you liked it cosi still chuckle when "cartman" remembers the goodtimes!! Lol
This is wonderful! I'm reccing it now.
And its even more so that you commented thanks :D x
OMG! Kitty is dead!!LMAO!!
That was totally hysterical!! You did a great job combining the clips with the song.
"I'm B.Streisand"!!! lol
Think you'll find "I'm Barbara Streisand" lol
Glad you enjoyed it :)
And you for the win! Made my day. Stunning concept, hilarious content, great editing.
And your comments made mine! :D Thank you
That was too, too, TOO funny! "Fiona Apple" "Make me some pie" "Sidney Poitier" "Dress up like a mailman" I could keep going!! *snerk*

Major ♥
So, so,so glad you liked it "Lets remember the good times" :D

Gotta say that the bit with Dean/Cartman in the field with the satellite dish sticking out of his ass and the whole "Barbara Streisand" run were my favorites. ;) V. amusing.
Yeah shame there were no ACTUAL satellite in butt scenes to match up with that, I'd pay to see those!!
Yes i felt the beautiful editing really added something to this vid!!! LOL

Glad you enjoyed it
HEE. Awesomely well done, dude. \o/

Yay, thanks for watching :)
Oh. My. Lord.

Dear lord, this is hilarious.
The lord can't help you now you've been sucked into this crazy supernatural world!! Don't hurt yourself giggling!
Oh my god, you insane genius. I haven't laughed like that in ages. Brilliant!
Oh man, that was BRILLIANT. :D So much fun!
That was absolutely hilarious. I loved all the hitting at the beginning, the repeated motif of women as "cheesy poofs," and the Cartman just freaking sobbing when he's trying to talk about Kenny, and having that be Dean hitting the car. That part made me have to pause the vid, I laughed so hard.
This was hilarious!
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