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TW- Stiles gape

tallisen in supernaturalvid

Challenge #1 -- Entry # 1

Song Title/Vid Title: Wonderboy
Vidder: tallisen aka Wolver Grim
Artist: Tenacious D
Category: Comedy
Characters: Dean and a little bit of Sam
Warnings: Episodes 1-10, just incase some haven't seen them all!
Summary: This is my attempt at a lighter vid, specificly one for the first challenge! So of course there is gratuitous Dean and the guest appearance of his little bro!

Mega Upload Link, WMV format


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I love it I love it I love it!

Hee. Wonderboy. :D

It fits Dean all kinds of right. And so so cute. Along with Sammy as sidekick.

Lovely job ducks!

Thank you hun! The boys and I appreciate your enthusiasm! You're too sweet! :D
LOL! I love it. The song suits perfectly. *snickers*
Thank you, I'm really glad you think so! :)
LOL, I *just* finished leaving you a comment about this vid on your journal suggesting you to submit the vid for the challenge and I come here and see that you're way ahead of me! SO glad you decided to submit it ;-)

I already went on and on about how awesome this vid is in your journal, but I'll say it again, KICKASS vid!
lol, that's very okay. :)

And again, thank you for making me blush so much! :D
Now I have to go explain to all my friends why I call Dean Wonderboy.

I think your icon does a lot of the explaining right there! ;)
Hee. I loved it! This video is just awesome.
Thanks! I'm glad you think so! :)
lol that was cute funny. Loved it.
Thank you! :)
Ah, I loved that! It really made me laugh when Dean slapped Sam across the head on the bridge - hee! I'm surprised at how well the lyrics related to the clips. Well put together!
Thank you very much! I'm quite fond of Dean hitting Sam over the head, so I had to use it! :)
YAY! TenaciousD! I heart Jack Black.

Loved your vid. Great syncs. Made me laugh out loud and then immediately say "this is great."
Thank you very much! Jack Black rocks my world too! ;)
I'm happy you liked it!
lol very cute
Thanks! :D
I'm blown away!! That is the best - what a great song! And the power to move you?? Oh man, I'm smiling, smiling then pow. Excellent transitions - a real keeper.

Wonderboy is right.
Heee! Thank you! That's very kind! I'm glad you like it! :)
What an awesome job dude! Loved it! Hehehe, love that Sam is young nasty man, muhahah.

I'm a Sammy girl but firstly I'm a BroHO. And THAT.WAS.BEAUTIFUL.

Wonderfully edited and great song! Heheee!
Thank you. I love that phrase, "BroHo". It sums the love up perfectly! :) I'm glad you liked it!
If you'd like me to upload it again for you, I can :)
oh, this is just fan-fucking-TASTIC. I freakin' LOVE the D, and I love Dean and SPN, and you combined the two together,a nd oh! It was fun!
Thank you very much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I just couldn't help but picture the boys as I listened to the song, so I just took it one step further. :)
You? Are fucking awesome. :D
lol! Thank you. That's very flattering :)
Thanks! I'm very glad you thought so!
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