Fanvid: Lucid Dreams.

Lucid Dreams
Vidder: kaiyote
Fandom: Supernatural
Song: Lucid Dreams by Franz Ferdinand
Characters/Pairings: Castiel + Metatron
Rating: R. Or so.
Spoilers: N/A
Warnings: Character death.
Summary: "I want you to live this new life to the fullest. Find a wife. Make babies. And when you die and your soul comes to Heaven, find me. Tell me your story." Post-S8 AU. Metatron erases Cas's memories, then puts him on Earth to live out his life. When Cas dies, he goes back to Heaven and Metatron has Cas tell him his 'story.'

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New SPN video: All For One, by dragonfly

Title: All For One
Artist: Five For Fighting
Vidder: dragonfly
Category: gen, hurt/comfort, action
Characters: Sam and Dean
Summary: "My brother, myself, my savior, my friend."
I don't own SPN or Five For Fighting. No money made. No infringement intended.

Video can be found:

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Fanvid: Through the Valley.

Through the Valley
Vidder: kaiyote
Fandom: Supernatural
Song: Through the Valley by Shawn James
Characters/Pairings: Gen / Endverse!Dean + Endverse!Castiel
Rating: PG. Or so.
Spoilers: 5x04
Warnings: None.
Summary: I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I fear no evil because I'm blind to it all. My mind and my gun they comfort me, because I know I'll kill my enemies when they come. (End!verse vidlet.)

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New Multi-Fandom Video: You Got The Music In You, by dragonfly

Title: You Got The Music In You
Vidder: dragonfly
Rating: PG
Song: You Get What You Give
Artist: New Radicals
Warning: SPOILER S12 SPN
Summary: Don't give up. You got the music in you. A feel-good multi-fandom video featuring: Supernatural, NCIS, Psych, X-Files and Stargate SG1.
A/N: I've been told you don't have to know all (or even any) of the shows to get the feels :)

Video can be found HERE.